Trump Begins Self-Funded Construction on Wall

Apr 25, 2017

Another busy week in Washington as Trump and his administration receives more uncooperative news about Democrats government shut down plans if wall funding remains on the government budget bill.

Trump seemed to have expected such results from the opposition and with his sons in full agreeance to his ideals on keeping America safe, they began to work. The Trump company has begun purchasing land on the Arizona Mexico border over the weekend, buying up homes that were not selling due to the dangers and unoccupied land that stretches miles along the border.

We’ve contacted one home owner whose house was recently purchased, Dave and Anni Thomas, and ask for their thoughts on Trump new strategy. “He’s keeping to his promise, we’re building a wall… Mexico may not be paying for it, but I’m glad he’s taken the responsibility instead of the tax payers. He’s a billionaire after all… “

The couple went on about their home selling woes, “No one is looking to buy out here and everyone is trying to sell” said Dave while looking back at his house. “We’ve even tried rented it out at below market value, and still no takers.”

PolicalHearsay has also tried to reach out to Trump personnel for more comments, but their staff tells us that plans are still in the works but will get back to us as more develops.

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